About Us

Al Shondell

Al Shondell founded Heathwood Oil Company in 1926.   We were the first independent oil company in Kansas City.  With two employees and one delivery truck, we set out to offer fuels and lubricants.  We started with a committment to our customers of “Service at a Fair Price.”

The third and fourth generations of the Shondell family now head Heathwood Oil Company.  The same goals of offering the best service and quality products at a fair price are still here.

We are now one of the oldest continuously family-owned oil companies in the midwest.  With our current bulk storage  capacity of over a quarter of a million gallons, Heathwood Oil has the products you need, when you need them. We serve the Kansas City area, Eastern Kansas, Western Missouri and Northwest Arkansas with over 85 years of experience. 





Our Mission

” Heathwood Oil is committed to providing the best service with quality products at a fair price.”

Employee Goals

istory is a proud part of any business. We will utilize our over 85 years of experience to help, service, and satisfy our customers.
agerness to respond to all our customers’ needs will be everyone’s responsibility.
ttitudes of our employees shall be positive, friendly, and polite to all customers, vendors and other employees.
enacity towards our objective is a must. We will not waiver from our goals.
elping our customers achieve success will insure our success.
 illingness to go the extra mile will pay dividends down the long road.
ptimism every day, will make that day and the next day easier to face, no matter what the challenges.
pportunities to secure new business must be taken every chance we get, by all employees.
edication to achieving all our goals will lead us to success, and result in profitability for all parties involved.