Our Services

Heathwood prides itself on adding additional services to enhance your lubricant purchases.  We feel the more we can learn about your business the more we can help you be profitable.

Oil Analysis

Lubricant analysis, for motor oils or other lubricants, is an invaluable tool to help keep your equipment and vehicles working at peak efficiency.  This preventative maintenance tool helps you prolong the life of your equipment and reduces downtime.

Oil analysis does two main things.  First, it shows the equipment wear metals and helps pinpoint the sources of excessive wear.  Secondly, it tells you when the additive package of the fluid changes or when foreign material causes excessive contamination.  These changes signal the need for change out of the fluid.  These two pieces of information will indicate your ideal fluid change out intervals to save downtime and wasted fluid.

Oil analysis reports are available in paper form or online.  These reports are available quickly to give your equipment the best protection.  Contact us for more detailed information.

Lubrication Equipment Assistance

Special equipment may be needed in your facility to dispense your lubricants where and when they are needed.  Heathwood Oil can help you analyize your current and future needs, and make specific recommendations to make your lubrication program work with ease and efficiency.  Let our experts help design your lubrication system.

If you qualify, we can even loan you the equipment you need with no out-of-pocket cost.

Retail Development Programs

Heathwood Oil offers a wide array of developmental programs to help enhance traffic into your retail locations.  We have specific programs geared for:

  • New Car Dealers
  • Fast Lube Centers
  • Independent Repair Facilities

 These programs include:

  • Marketing Support
  • Cooperative Advertising
  • Signage
  • Point-of-Sale Materials
  • Equipment Loans
  • Location Analysis
Technical Services

In conjuction with our major suppliers, we can provide access to a superior group of technical support personnel and laboratory capabilities.  These resources can help in the following ways:

  • Lubrication Surveys

We can evaluate each piece of equipment to make sure the right lubricant is actually being used.  Additionally, optimal change out schedules can be suggested.

  • Component Failure Analysis

In some cases, an actual failed part can be sent to the laboratory for an opinion on why the failure occurred.  This process should eliminate future problems on the replacement parts.

  • Waste Oil

Heathwood Oil has many services to assist your company in dealing with waste fluids.  Depending on your needs and location, we will help in finding the most efficient and economical ways to dispose of waste byproducts.