Heathwood Oil Company is open to service our customer’s requirements during these trying times.  We have been deemed an essential business by the Department of Homeland Security.  Therefore, we will continue with normal operations until further notice.  Our normal business hours will remain Monday – Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm.

Heathwood, as an essential business supporting governmental operations, manufacturing, transportation, and construction industries, is committed during this crisis to do our part.  As our business products and services will remain as normal, we have additionally addressed several concerns.  We are using CDC guidelines to help keep our employees and your employees as safe as possible.  Here are a few highlighted areas we will address:

  • Communicating with all our vendors to monitor any supply disruptions. There are none currently.
  • We will enter and exit your facility in the swiftest and safest matter.
  • We will have the least interaction with your employees as possible.
  • Customers, please consider consolidating orders to limit the number of deliveries and interaction we will need to make. (i.e. Order 110 gallons every two weeks instead of 55 gallons each week)
  • Your Sales Representative will contact you by phone for orders and assistance.
  • Please contact your Sales Representative with any concerns, problems, or equipment issues on their cell phone or email.
  • If customer pick up orders are required, please wait outside the warehouse and we will assist in loading

We are taking actions daily to ensure the health and safety of our organization, and to ensure excellent customer service you expect from Heathwood Oil Company is delivered.  We hope your organizations and families are able to remain safe and healthy to the best of their abilities during this unique period.

If you have questions about our operations or the measures we are implementing, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email ( ) or phone 913-321-1764 or 800-255-0287.

Please keep monitoring our website for any updates.

Thank you for your consideration and your business!


Steve Shondell